Giving Back During Covid-19

This Pandemic has been a dark time in a lot of people’s lives. So many have suffered- business owners, hospitals, and especially the people who have suffered from Covid-19 or may have lost a loved one to this horrible disease. Sitting home and going through the cycles of online school and a whole lot of nothing during the initial April, May and June quarantine,  one day I asked myself “what is something I can do to help my community.”

 I quickly thought of an idea that would help out the hospital nearest to me -White Plains Hospital. I layed out a 2 month plan that would incorporate my family’s charity ASW Cares For Kids.  I organized a series of engaging activities that would help raise some funds.  These activities included Online Trivia games with prizes awarded to winners, virtual art classes for the younger kids, a fill the board activity on social media platforms, as well as a live status thermometer on the WPH website to update our followers on how much money we’ve raised so far. I’m very proud to say that with the help of my friends, family, and those who participated, ASW Cares For Kids successfully raised $6,000 dollars for White Plains hospital! This $6,000 will go towards one of the hospital’s current biggest needs, which is an Enovate Workstation on Wheels. This helps and will continue to help the doctors and nurses provide uninterrupted care to their patients without having to leave a patient’s bedside.  I am thrilled that with the help of all that donated and took part in the online activities that we were able to provide WPH with this device. I truly had a great experience working with them and would love to do it again. I learned so much through this experience and felt the joy of giving back.  Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for more future projects and updates.

Thanks So Much!

Jared Schwartz